Thursday, May 31, 2012

My contribution to you today

Please tune in to that

Monday, May 14, 2012

For all the healers...

For all the healers you are....

What would it take to actually know, embody, honour all of your magnificance and greatness?

Dang, how many times did i take on peoples energy´s, stuff?
How many times did i save peoples live.
I for sure did more than once.

What actually happened was, that i took on peoples energy´s which made them able to stay alive,they got happier and happier and my life sucked more and more. 

I can´t count the miracles any more that i brought to peoples life. 
After people hanging out with me and doing talks and so on with me, 
one miracle after another started to happen to them. 

That was amazing to watch.
To see, how people find soulmates, how they all of the sudden embody the fullfillment of most of theire dreams.

But one point truely sucked. 
I always felt like shit. 
I was here totally stuck.
And most often nothing to receive for me. 
Just being tied up with all of the other peoples stuck tense energies. 

So i always wondered, 
what in the world is wrong with me?
I saw it, felt it, all the miracles that i brought to others, 
but what about me?
Still stuck....
Truely sucked...

To all of you healers out there...
What if it was time to truely honour and see, 
how much of a contribution you are, i am 
to this world?
What would it take for all of us healers, 
with the strongest capacities, 
with the most powers, 
to truely honour 
the ME 

What would it take for you 
to truely 
know and feel
what a great gift you are
to you
the world 
and everybody around you?

this is one of the hardest 
asignments / tasks to me as well.

But what if you could 
just sit there in awww and wonder
what a miracle you are
and no matter how hard it was, 
what would it take for you, 
to truely feel, 
what a huge miracle you are?

In thanks and honour of me and you....

Christian ;-)

For all my english speaking friends... I highly recommend to check out Christians free video series, its about heart intelligence and how you can actually embody all the high energies and create magnificance in your life. 
I worked with him personally and met him in Sweden last year. What a tremendous gift his work is....

So check this out ;-)))

A Flower


Just imagine for one second you would be the most beautiful flower in nature. 
What does it feel like if you are this beautiful flower? 
What does your flower body feel like?
What does it feel like if you are in your full blooming?

Beautiful isn´t it`?

And now imagine you are there as this beautiful flower and a group of humans walks on by. 

Would you as the most flower be like:
Oh i dont shine in my beauty for this person, because this person is angry?
Oh i am going to be more beautiful because this little kid is the most beautiful being? 

Maybe not ;-)

You would just be there as this beautiful flower and just be. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


If you are really tuning in to your being, that is infinity, right now and right here, 

what does it feel like?

If you are really tuning in to it, 

what would it say to you right now?

What if judgement would be truely uncreated for you now?

What if you are that infinte being, 

that is full of miracles for yourself and the world?

What if the infinitiy to you is speakint through you right now?

How lovely you are, 

how beautiful you are, 

how powerful you are......

can you feel it ? 

I can. 


Sunday, May 6, 2012



Do you have enough?

quelle: pic unkown

Do you have enough from trying to be the love and the light?
Is there still a part within you that is just pissed off?
What if you stop trying and start living again?

What if you are, if you are and embody what you truely are, is more than enough. 

What if being the truths, all of what you are, 
is truely emboding the love that you are? 

copyright by s.mey

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Quelle: unknown

What if its not about right and wrong, good and bad.....
What if Enlightenment is to be all of it, ALL, 
without judging it and feeling
the love within all of it?